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Tina Blake is one of the main antagonists of the "Carrie" novel and film adaptations. She is the best friend to Chris Hargensen and is the one who replaces the prom ballots with fake ones to elect Tommy and Carrie king and queen. In the 1976 film, Tina is combined with Norma Watson, a character in the novel who assists Tina in swapping the ballots.


Carrie (novel)

Tina is described as a small girl with a billow of red hair. She is the best friend of Chris Hargensen and is one of the many girls in her clique who participates in the shower prank. On the night of the prom, Tina helps rig the voting so that Carrie is named Queen of the prom. However, Tina had no knowledge of the actual prank and was terrified when she saw the blood. When Carrie began using her powers against everyone Tina and Norma run outside, just in time before everyone is electrocuted.

This version of Tina is the least malevolent, and is mostly only an antagonist because of her bullying, rather than having a major part in the prank.

Carrie (1976)

Main article: Norma Watson

Tina in this film is combined with Norma Watson. Norma is Chris' best friend again and swaps the ballots at the prom. When Carrie begins using her powers Norma isn't as lucky as her book counterparts. Instead, Carrie uses a water hose to spray Norma into a table where she is left to burn.

Carrie (2002)

Tina is Chris' best friend again and in this film she is shown to be much more antagonistic and even more evil than Chris herself. Tina replaces the ballots with fake ones and is killed by Carrie when Carrie unleashes her powers and sends a basketball goal down on Tina.

Carrie (2013)

Tina is a participant in the shower incident and is a part of Miss Desjardin's gym detention. At the prom, Tina slips fake ballots into the ballot box and laughs hysterically during the prank. When Carrie unleashes her powers she kills all of Tina's friends and leaves her for last. Tina is electrocuted by Carrie until she backs into a fire. She catches on fire and spins around until she collapses on the ground, dead.


  • Tina isn't confirmed to have swapped the ballots in the novel. It is assumed because she and Norma Watson collect the ballots and Chris mentions that she "set it up" leaving fans to assume that Tina and Norma had a hand in it, possibly only Tina.
  • Tina was killed in all of the film adaptations but survived in the novel.