Tina is an antagonist who appeared in the 2012 dark comedy movie sightseers. she was portrayed by Alice Lowe.


Tina lived with her mom, in southern England. she was dating her aspiring writer boyfriend Chris. when they went on a caravan trip across England, it went well at first, until litterbugs, noisy teens, and snobs started ruining it, and Chris developed homicidal tendencies. later, Tina found out, and at first, opposed it, but later, she snapped, when she caught Chris snogging a girl at a hen party. later, her killing spiraled out of control, and unlike Chris, she started killing people at random. Her sanity dwindled, and she became more aggressive. Later on, the police start to get on their trail, she decided to end it all, and her and Chris prepared to kill themselves. However, while Chris goes through with it, she backs out.


At first, Tina was easy going, but slightly disgruntled being stuck with her demanding mom. She was also a bit kinky. Later, however, she became spiteful, paranoid, and homicidal. She eventually became worse than Chris, killing without reason, and dangerously unstable.