Tina is a minor antagonist who is Mookie's wife/girlfriend, and villainess who hangs out with a gang of troublemakers in the 1989 movie Do the Right Thing.

She was played by Rosie Perez.

Her villainries are not shown very much (being her time in the movie is brief and limited to occasional scenes). But, she is an unpleasant and unfit mother, who curses in front of her kid (not that Mookie himself is better, but at least he doesn't do that). She's a bad influence. But that's not her only crime. She hangs around with a gang of knuckleheaded troublemakers, one of which will show their ugly nature when they fight Sal and his pizzeria guys at the end. She is an unpleasant woman to be around altogether, though nowhere on the level of Radio Raheem or Buggin' Out or Stevie.