Tin, Pan, and Alley are a trio of siamese cats from the Tom and Jerry movies.

In Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, they are local gravediggers/jewel thieves who work for Professor Moriarty. They are first seen stealing a priceless diamond in the middle of the night in London and bringing it to their master, Moriarty. They are seen again in the Twisted Lip pub while Miss Red sings for a crowd while Jerry and Tuffy tries to retrieve the diamond from the cats and Tom is undercover as a waiter. Unfortunately, the cover is blown, and the cats escape in time with the diamond and kidnap Jerry, leading Tom Cat to chase after the trio and rescue the little mouse.

In Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse, they have a very small minor role in the film. These cats work as spies for Prince John. They are spies who inform Prince John with the news about King Richard returning home to England in three days, much to Prince John's horror.

In Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon. they are first seen as Kittens and working for the Witch Drizelda as They grew up. They are sent to steal the dragon's egg, but they are scared away by an angry mother dragon.

In Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest, they work for Dr. Zin in order to stop Jonny Quest.