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Timmy York Identity

Timmy York, as portrayed by Bret Loehr.

Whores don't get a second chance.
~ Timmy York's only line in the film

Timothy "Timmy" York (played by Bret Loehr) is one of the main characters of the film Identity (2003). As we later find out in the ending, he is the antagonist of the film.

The movie begins with 10 strangers, by under strange circumstances, bought together by a storm. They were forced to take shelter in a motel, run by manager Larry Washington. Timmy York is one of the strangers, alongside his familiy in crisis, George and Alice.

As Timmy plays with his toys, the car that the car were in ran over a high heel shoe, which belong to Paris Nevada. As George changes the tire, Alice walks over to the car window as Timmy knocks on it. Timmy witnesses his mom ran over by a limo, driven by Edward "Ed" Dakota, who is transporting an actress, Caroline Suzanne, an 80's movie star. Ed helps to bring Timmy and his parents to the motel.

The other strangers were Officer Samuel Rhodes, who is transporting a prisoner, Robert Maine, and a pair of newlyweds, Lous and Ginny Isiana. As the people prepare to spend the night in the motel, Caroline, who went outside and was trying to get her mobile phone to work is killed by an unknown murderer. One by one, the guests were wiped out as they were trying to survive.

Lous was stabbed to knife with a knife. Then afterwards, Maine, who was accused as a killer, was tied up to a chair by Ed, Rhodes and Larry. He was killed by a baseball bat to the throat. Larry was blamed for Maine's murder, as well as for a man who was kept inside a freezer. He tired to drive away in a truck, but he accidentally ran down George, who is trying to protect Timmy. Larry was then tied up to a chair. He proves his innocence by telling them his story. Timmy then walks into the room where his mom was, and the remaining strangers found Alice dead in her deathbed. Ed tells Ginny to get help from the outside of the motel. Ginny then brings Timmy along with her, to her car. However, the car blows up, along with Ginny and presumeably, Timmy (who would later on be seen again). Their bodies were nowhere to be seen. The rest of the dead strangers' bodies also disappeared.

The twist of the movie reveals that everyone in the motel weren't real, they were the multiple personalities of Malcolm Rivers, a prisoner on death row in reality. The killer was suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Ed (in Malcolm's body), who was talking to Malcolm's psychologist, Dr. Mallick, was told by the latter that the killer must not survive, or the prisoner will be executed.

Ed believes that Rhodes was the killer in the motel. Meanwhile, Paris found a dead body in the police car's trunk. Turns out in a flashback, Rhodes kills the cop in the driver seat and exchange clothes with the dead cop. Rhodes realizes that his secret was revealed, and he confronts Paris, before he was knocked out by Larry. Rhodes immedatiely gets up, however, and shot Larry. Paris ran away, and was conforted by Ed. Ed engages in a gunfight with Rhodes, and both were killed. Ed, who was mortally wounded, tell Paris that, "I saw you in an orange grove". This leaves Paris as the sole survivor as she drove away from the motel after the rain stopped.

Back in reality, the judge orders the death penalty to be cancelled and for Malcolm to be driven to a mental institution. Paris (in Malcolm's mind) droves to her hometown, Frostproof, Florida. As she tends her garden, she notices the Room 1 motel key in the soil. Suddenly, Timmy was standing right next to her. It turns out that he was the killer behind the deaths in the motel. Timmy also smothers his own mom and faked his death by walking away from Ginny's car, which explodes. He tells Paris that "Whores don't get a second chance", before killing said woman with her own rake. He then took over Malcolm's body, who in real life, strangled his psychiatrist and the driver of the van. The van that Malcolm was in ran off the side of the road and stopped. Timmy quotes the Antigonish poem before the film ends.