Timmy Kirk

Timmy Kirk is a character in the HBO TV Series Oz who served as a background character in Season 2 and a minor antagonist in Seasons 4, 5 and 6. He is a sociopathic, traitorous Irish inmate who was sentenced for 12 years in prison for putting a baby (implied to be his own) in a dumpster filled with rats despite the pleas of the mother.

He was portrayed by Sean Dugan.


Prisoner number 96K423, Timothy Kirk. Convicted April 16, 1996 - Manslaughter, endangering the welfare of a child. Sentence: 12 years, up for parole in 7

Season 2

Kirk appears as a low-ranking Irish inmate, only appearing in background and cleaning units. He is also seen delivering messages between Simon Adebisi and Shirley Bellinger.

Season 4

Appearing now as a Catholic inmate, Kirk regularly abuses and threatens those inmates who don't share his beliefs, which displeases Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier to the point of casting him out. Kirk, seeking revenge, seals Cloutier behind a wall in the cafeteria with the help of Jaz Hoyt.

Season 5

Cloutier surprisingly survives the murder attempt, as there was a gas explosion later in the cafeteria. Severely injured, Cloutier is now hospitalized and Kirk tries to convince Jim Burns to kill him. Burns refuses, since he had found Jesus thanks to Cloutier. Later, Hoyt gets a vision from Cloutier telling him to murder Kirk. Kirk is hospitalized for the failed murder attempt and wants to join the Catholic Church with the permission of Father Ray Mukada who refuses, knowing that he was the culprit behind Cloutier's murder. As a revenge, Kirk uses his prison connections to burn down a church where Mukada and several other priests were spending their time, successfully killing everyone but Mukada.

Season 6

Kirk was sentenced to death for his crimes. During his time on death row, Kirk constantly implies to be possessed by Satan. Kirk still wants vengeance upon Mukada, and writes a letter to a bishop, claiming that Mukada has sexually abused him. As a result, Mukada is stripped from his priesthood during the investigation. Kirk, now a satanist, is seen ripping pages from the Bible and trying to convince Mukada that even after Kirk's execution, he is left wandering around aimlessly without his priesthood, having no reason to live anymore. Later, during a photoshoot on death row, when the inmates are temporarily released from their cells, Hoyt finally murders Kirk, electrifying him to death using one of the photographer's lamps and jamming it into his mouth.