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Time Man
You're late. I grew tired of waiting.
~ Time Man

Time Man is one of the eight robot masters and bosses in the 2006 PSP game Mega Man Powered Up, a remake of the original Mega Man game for the NES. He was built for Time Travel, but as the Time Travel theory wasn't perfected at the time, his function were uncompleted and thus have a inferior complex. As a result, he is very obsessive for perfection. He's completely obsessed with time and schedule, and is known to be very bossy. He's very strict, and won't do any idle, activities, or even conversation if he views them as a waste of time. Time Man's signature weapon is the Time Slow, which, as the name suggest, slows down time temporarily, and can even damage some enemies.

In his battle, he will mainly use the Time Slow weapon and arrow-like projectiles. The arrow-like projectiles also travel in different speed depending on the size. With the minute arrow being faster, while the hour arrow being slower. His weakness is the Thunder Beam and grants Mega Man the Time Slower when defeated.

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