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Time Demon God Chronos is the primary villain of Boukenger vs. Super Sentai. He resembles a Devil with various clocks and gears on his body. His goal is to revive three sorcerers and use them to create the Staff of the Three Philosophers


His first step was to ally with Gajah, who supplied Chronos with three Gordom Engines. He then used them to revive Sorcery Priest Meemy, Duchess Org Tsuetsue, and Spear One, Furabiijo to assist in his plan.

In the end, he used the three sorcerers to create a new Precious, the Staff of the Three Philosophers, to make himself stronger and grow giant. He could execute stronger versions of the attacks of the Boukengers' mecha, including a technique called the Triple Screw. His most powerful attack is the DeathWand Kill, which took out DaiVoyager.

It wasn't until AkaRed harnessed the power of Sentai teams of the past and gave it to the Boukengers that they were finally able to destroy Chronos and the Precious he wielded with the 30 Super Sentai Attack.


  • He is based on Mirai Sentai Timeranger's Providus.

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