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The Timber Wolf is the main antagonist of the 1987 film Benji the Hunted.


In the film, the Timber Wolf attempted to attack Benji when he was tied up to a tree at the Hunter's cabin, as the wolf ran at Benji, the Hunter grabed his gun and shot at the wolf but missed which ended up with the Wolf running off into the forest.

Bonus Benji La Malice contre le Loup - Benji Vs The Wolf01:09

Bonus Benji La Malice contre le Loup - Benji Vs The Wolf

The chase scene that led to the wolf's demise

The Wolf appeared later in the film when Benji was with the cougar cubs. The wolf approached the cubs trying to get a quick meal, but the cubs hid under a rock. As the wolf was trying to dig them out, Benji quickly attacked the wolf. the wolf gave up trying to get the cups and went after Benji. While Benji was being chased, he hid in a bush next to a cliff. The timber wolf jumped over the bush thinking that Benji was there, but instead it was the cliff and Benji watched as the wolf fell to its death while howling.


The Timber Wolf was quit small compared to most North American wolves. The wolf had brown eyes and grayish-white fur on its upper-jaw around it's nose and on the lowers have of it's legs and paws.

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