Tim Wattley

Tim Wattley

Tim Wattley. The Motch Brothers sent me. I'm your campaign manager. I'm here to make you not suck.
~ Tim Wattley

Tim Wattley (real name: Leonidis Stavros) is the secondary antagonist in The Campaign. He is played by Dylan McDermott,


Leonidas Stavros was born and raised in Greece. He was involved in numerous crimes involving murder and terrorism. He was also talented at attracting women. His crimes were so infamous he earned alias' including, The Greek Butcher, The Greek Baker, The Greek Candlestick Maker, Dermont Mulroney, Osama Getting-Laiden (also Osama Gettin'-Laiden). He fled his country and became an international fugitive, eventually coming into the employment of the corrupt businessmen Glen and Wade Motch. Under the new name Tim Wattley, Stavros was sent to help Marty Huggins run a successful campaign for a Congressional seat so that the brothers can sell land in that district to the Chinese and build sweatshops there. Stavros completely alters Marty's home and family life to appeal to voters, which is successful though it causes a rift between Marty and his wife. Eventually Marty's wife has an affair, causing Tim to convince Marty to kick her out to prevent him from looking weak and using dirty tricks to hurt his opponent's campaign. When Marty learns about the Motch brothers plan he refuses to help them, causing them to switch support to his opponent Cam Brady as well as Stavros becoming Brady's campaign manager. Brady manages to win the election, but withdraws to let Marty Huggins win instead, seeing he is for the people. Stavros flees and is never captured, though Marty discovers who he truly was and uses this information to successfully prosecute the Motch brothers.