Tim Steinkeller

Tim Steinkeller

Tim Steinkeller
was the main antagonist of the Grimm episode "The Thing with Feathers". Tim's a Klaustriech (a ally cat-like creature). He had married his wife Robin, because she was a Seltenvolgel (a bird-like creature, basis for goose that laid a golden egg) and Tim wanted to get his hands upon her egg.

He was portrayed by Josh Randall.


To produce the egg, Tim abused Robin, and force fed her horrible food to help the egg grow in size. He conspired this plan with his cousin the sheriff. Robin however had a friend, who tried to help her escape. While Nick and Juliet were away on holiday, Juliet began to sense something was wrong from the way Robin reacted upon seeing Tim, after the the two met. Nick investigated and after seeing both of thems true forms, called Monroe who explained what each was.

Tim meanwhile tracked down Robins friend, and using his feline claws savagly killed him, he caught Robin sneaking out, and tied her to a chair forcing her eat the revoulting liquid. However having put two and two toghether, Nick broke into there house and took on Tim. Although strong, Tim quickly proved no match for a Grimm, Nick beat him down before throwing him out of the window and saved Robin.

However unaware who the Sheriff was, Nick had called him, together with his cousin, armed now the two tried to track down Robin, as the time for the egg was near. Confronting them in the wood with it, Nick managed to play on there Greed, and tossed it in the air. He then tackled the Sheriff to the ground. Tim caught the egg and ran after it, but Nick quickly caught him, and beat him to the ground, in the process the egg was shattered. Nick then sent him and the sheriff to prison.