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A Seminole Vietnam veteran (Portrayed by Chris Robinson)--suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder--who used snakes to kill in the 1972 film STANLEY. In the film he went to protagonist to antagonist.


Tim lives in the Florida Everglades catching snakes for medical research, while Thomson--the man who accidentally killed his father--kills them and sells them as belts. Thomson hired two men--Crail and Bob--to catch them. Tim let Thomson's snakes loose, Crail and Bob then tried to kill him, until Stanley bit Bob and Tim got away. Thomson then hired one of workers, a man called "Psycho", as an assassin. Tim killed Crail and Bob--who were trying to catch more snakes--with Stanley, while "Psycho" went to Tim's house and killed Stanley's offspring and shot off the head of his mate, Hazel. When Tim got home he seen "Psycho" holding Hazel with her head shot off, driving him insane. "Psycho" tried to cut his head off with a boat propeller, until Stanley bit him in his jugular vein. Tim then killed one of his friends--who bit off the head of a snake--and her husband with snakes. Tim threw snakes in Thomson's pool, killing him. Tim then kidnapped his daughter, Susie, and took her to his home in the Everglades. He tried to marry her, she refused, he told Stanley to kill her, he didn't. Then he commanded his other snakes to kill her, they didn't ether. Out of rage Tim started beating his snakes to death until Stanley bit him, Tim then knocked over a lantern and his house caught fire. The movie ends with Susie--and his snakes--escaping and his house burning down playing the song "Sparrow".