The tiki gods (or tikis) are the main antagonists of the 2009 video game Zuma's Revenge. They are a group of elemental tiki gods who attack Zuma on Tiki Island.


Upon arriving on Tiki Island, Zuma gets bullied by Zhaka Mu's Chef that the place belongs to lots of tikis. Zuma was able to go on his quest to save Mrs. Zuma from the evil tiki gods.

After rescuing Mrs. Zuma, the tiki gods reform on a tropical vacation.

In-game Battle

Every last level of each chapter ends in a boss fight. Each of them will attack more often when in low health.

Types of Tikis

Kahtiki Khan (Ancient Devil Idol)

Do you have fight in you?! Shoot me if you dare!
~ Kahtiki Khan, confronting the frog with his sinister thoughts.

Kahtiki Kahn is the first boss encountered in Zuma's Revenge. He is known to throw magic to slow down Zuma also trying to eat him.

One can tell Kahn is based on a tiger (if one looks closely at the stripes).

When the battle starts, Zuma must shoot balls at him to deal damage. Kahn fights back by throwing magic that slows down Zuma. As Zuma shot enough balls at Kahn, the tiki god gets injured and is later defeated.

Maga Maga (The Witch Doctor)

Tikis return! Protect me!
~ Maga Maga's villainous breakdown.

Maga Maga is the second boss encountered by Zuma. He is a notorious witch doctor known to cast magic that can slow down islanders.

Maga Maga will throw magic that can slow down Zuma. As soon as Maga is damaged, two minions are summoned to protect him from balls. The player must destroy the minions in order to damage him. Zuma was able to defeat him after firing enough balls and destroying his henchmen.

Baron Digo (Cannibal Idol)

I'm immune to balls!
~ Baron Digo, admitting he cannot take damage from balls.

Baron Digo is the third boss encountered by Zuma. He is a notorious cannibal (according to the in-game description) who is known for converting heads of victims on bones.

Baron Digo will shoot victim heads to slow down Zuma. The weakness of him is the electric shot taken from skulls. Damage from the balls does very minimal damage, thus causing the battle to last longer.

Zuma was able to defeat him by shooting many balls or charged shots at him, leaving him in injury.

Kolo Kamari (Mosquito God of Pestilence)

At last, my tiny friends will feeeeeed!
~ Kolo Kamari, admitting that his mosquitoes will attack Zuma.

Kolo Kamari is an outright insect god who sends a swarm of mosquitoes to attack the victims. He is known for being very despicable against Zuma by sending mosquitoes to attack him.

He will shoot a swarm of mosquitoes at Zuma, which will slow him down. The only way to damage him is to destroy coloured balls with explosions. Any of the normal balls is ineffective.

Zuma was able to destroy him by creating many explosions.

Cephalo Ka (Tentacled Reaper of the Deep)

I'm irritable!
~ Cephalo Ka, taunting the frog with his force field.

Cephalo Ka is a evil squid and dark god known to spread black ink to create darkness across the sea.

Cephalo Ka will attack the frog with black ink to blind the screen. The player has to use explosives to break the force field in order to damage the boss. As soon as Cephalo is damaged, the force field will be regenerated.

The frog was able to destroy his force field and attack him with his balls.

Drumstick Willie (Zhaka Mu's Chef)

As Zuma extinguishes all the torches, the fake Zhaka Mu has ten hearts. After hitting him with one shot, one of the chicken legs will turn into a white flag.

Zhaka Mu (Ultimate Devil Spirit)

Foolish frog! He was not Zhaka Mu! You only battled my chef! Now gaze upon the true face of Zhaka Mu.
~ Zhaka Mu, tricking the frog about defeating his chef.

The real Zhaka Mu is the true main antagonist and final boss of the game. He appears after defeating his chef. He takes of the form of a moai (or Easter Island head).

When the battle starts, Zhaka will shoot fireballs at the player to deal damage.

After depleting half of his health, Zhaka will take the form of an evil demon. This time, Zhaka Mu is harder by causing the spaces filled with fire.

As soon as Zuma defeats him, Zhaka will turn into a spirit, hitting him.

Zuma is forced to fight Zhaka Mu in his frog form.

Zuma has to shoot him and avoid the balls fired by him. However, a few shots will cause him to switch directions.

Zuma was able to defeat him, causing the evil spirit to vanquish.