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Tiki Tong is the final boss of the 2010 Wii game, Donkey Kong Country Returns. He is the leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe.

He was voiced by Ian Loma.


Just like his minions, Tiki Tong awakened from his slumber by a volcanic eruption on DK Island. From there on, the Tiki Lord sent his underlings to harvest bananas from around the island to create an army of tikis. After that, Panflute steals Donkey Kong's banana hoard without the tiki leader's approval and lied to him, this action angers Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who then fight against the tiki forces to get their bananas back. From there on, Tiki Tong was not seen until the end climax of the game.


Tiki Tong facing Donkey and Diddy Kong.

When the Kongs invade Tiki Tong's lair, all nine boss tikis appear around their boss and throw the remaining bananas into Tiki Tong's head. He then turns the bananas into juice by spinning rapidly around, and then pours the goop over his tiki henchmen. This action transforms his minions into hands to fight and defeat the Kongs once and for all. After a long battle, the Kongs prevailed over Panflute's evil, Tiki Tong explodes into a burst of light. Tiki Tong's death launches Donkey and Diddy into space, where the two punch the Moon from its orbit down on top of the volcano, creating an explosion that destroys the Tiki base and frees all the bananas (while the Moon is shot back into space). With the base destroyed, the effects of the hypnosis over the creatures of the island are undone. Donkey and Diddy are able to land before they crash, and cheer as their bananas continue to rain from the volcano.


Tiki Tong is shown to be extremely dimwitted. He is the caring but unknowingly very destructive, contemptuous, and is the obvious chief of the Tiki Tak Tribe who has stronger powers than those of his Tiki underlings. He is also shown to be calculative and oppressive, so he tries to harvest all of the bananas from around DK Island and use them give life to his tiki underlings.

Physical Appearance

Tiki Tong is depicted as a large floating limbless tiki head with a pair of floating large hands (which was seen during the cutscene before the final battle). He has two sets of three feather clusters for hair, two black eyes with glowing red pupils, and a slightly unhinged jagged mouth.

Powers and Abilities

Being the lord and chief of the Tiki Tak Tribe, Tiki Tong has more stronger powers than those of his Tiki underlings. These powers include summoning fireballs as well as the use of many hand attacks that range from slapping to a karate chop.



  • Tiki Tong resembles villains such as Andross, Mortamor, and Necrodeus, due to all of them being final bosses whose appearance is based on a floating head with hands and no body.
  • While most Donkey Kong villains meet with ambiguous fates, Tiki Tong is the only villain to die in game.
  • He is not seen or mentioned in DKCTF. Even so Lord Fredrik occupied the great volcano in which he lived inside and his tower. Besides being the last stage where is carried out the final battle.