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Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw is a major antagonist in the 2012 TV show; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He is a mutated Man/Tiger hybrid that serves the Foot Clan as an assassin and bounty hunter.



Years ago, Tiger Claw was originally a Japanese boy before he was mutated. He was a circus performer, until he was captured and experimented by the Kraang. When he took a dose of the Mutagen, The young boy mutated into a half man, half tiger mutant known as Tiger Claw. Year later, Tiger Claw either managed escaped from the Kraang or was released. He eventually became both an assassin and bounty hunter. Impressed by Tiger Claw's performance, Shredder hired him into the Foot Clan. During his career however, Tiger Claw ended up getting his tail cut off by his rival. According to Tiger Claw, his rival has his tail as a trophy. To this day, Tiger Claw is searching for the man who took his tail, while at the same time serving the Shredder to his best abilities.

The Manhattan Project / Wormquake

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The Wrath of Tiger Claw

While Tiger Claw was trapped in the 1980s Alternate reality, he eventually came across that version of the Turtles. It's unknown if he killed them or defeated them. He made his way through other dimensions fighting off hordes of Kraang. During all of this, Tiger Claw lost his left eye, and his right ear was torn. Eventually, Tiger Claw managed to find the dimensional gateway to get to his dimension. As soon as he returned, Tiger Claw went straight to Shredder's lair to inform Shredder of his return.

Annihilation Earth

Tiger what shredder done

" Master Shredder, what have you done!?"

When Splinter and April enter Shredder's lair to convince Shredder to have the Foot Clan help with the war against the Triceratons, Tiger Claw and Bebop trap them. When he has Splinter cornered he asks why he would risk his life to invade Shredder's lair. While Splinter and April speak with Shredder in order to convince him to stop the Tricerton in takes part in a combined to rescue operation the turtle's allies and to stop the Triceratons from activating the Heart of Darkness and destroying the Earth in a black hole. While fighting the Triceratons he saves April and Casey from a Triceraton while April attempts to free Casey and some of the Mutanimals. Splinter realized he is the only person in the position to stop the device in time, but just before he can reach it, he is murdered in cold blood from behind by the Shredder, whose treacherous action has just doomed the entire planet. Tiger Claw angrily condemns the Shredder's actions, only for the Shredder to make it clear to Tiger Claw that he doesn't care about the Earth, its inhabitants or his own life—the only thing he ever cared about was killing Hamato Yoshi, and he's finally satisfied to have done it. It is too late for Tiger Claw to do anything about it, as both he and the Shredder are soon devoured by the black hole along with the rest of the planet.

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

In Trans-Dimensional Turtles tiger claws appears at the end of the episode when he was trapped in worm in Wormquake while fighting with the 1987 turtles after finding his way out.

Earth's last Stand

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Tiger claws appears after shredder was defeat by master splinter while blameing him that karai has Escape of her own free will after spitting out the brain worm before she was killed along the earth in Annihilation earth telling splinter that they will have there revenge on.


Tiger Claw is shown to be a loyal servant towards the Shredder. However, unlike most of Shredder's minions, (as Rahzar, Fishface, and Karai mostly fight the Turtles when they have their weapons and are fully prepared, as well as they prefer not to kill,) Tiger Claw has little to no honor, as he is willing to fight the Turtles when they're weaponless, as well as kill anyone just so he can get to his targets, including the target's friends, relatives and allies. He's also shown to have some instincts of a tiger, as he's had thoughts of eating Fishface.

Despite all this, he really does care about his own home planet. When Shredder sacrifices the Earth just to finish his vendetta, Tiger Claw loses faith in his master and condemns the latter. This however was undone due to the timeline change. Tiger Claw is still loyal to his master and swears revenge on Splinter, probably because he is unaware of what his master was going to do.

Powers and Abilities

Tiger Claw is a formidable opponent. Due to be part tiger, Tiger Claw has the strength, speed, agility, reflexes, razor sharp claws and fangs, sight, an acute sense of smell, and hearing of a tiger. He's also a skilled martial artist as he's able to fend off against the Turtles and rival Karai with ease. Tiger Claw is also an expert marksman, skilled swordsman, and trap expert.

As for weapons, Tiger Claw processes a large sword, two modified guns that can shoot either a red laser, or freeze ray. He also uses nets to capture his enemies, throwing knives and processes a jetpack for flight.


  • He fought against the 80's turtles while escaping the Kraathatrogon.
  • His fall to mouth of the space worm was a parody of Boba Fett's fall to Sarlacc.

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