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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye, present!
~ Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye (タイガーズ・アイ Taigāzu Ai), also sometimes called "Tigerseye", is one of the Amazon Trio who serve Zirconia. He was once a tiger, but was turned into a human by Zirconia. He attacks with a whip and throwing knives. Whenever he is sent to search people's dreams for Pegasus, Tiger's Eye always targets younger girls. He made 12 attempts to find Pegasus, one of which he was competing with Hawk's Eye, when the target was Minako Aino, and another of which he left Fisheye to fight off the Sailor Scouts, when the target was Makoto Kino.

When Fisheye tried to stop Hawk's Eye going after Usagi (as Zirconia believes her to be the holder of Pegasus), Tiger's Eye went after her to stop her interfering, but soon they were attacked by Para Para's assassin, Mr. Magic Pierrot, who destroyed Serena's dream mirror and killed Hawk's Eye. Tiger's Eye and Fisheye gave up the power that made them human in order to rebuild Usagi's dream mirror, enabling her to transform into Sailor Moon and destroy Mr. Magic Pierrot. Tiger's Eye died along with Fisheye, and the trio reverted back to their original forms. They were revived by Pegasus and their human forms were permanently restored, this time with dream mirrors, and he took them to live in Elysion.


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