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The Tickler is an enemy of Spider-Man in the 1970's Electric Company series. The Tickler (Luis Avalos) is a bitter failed comedian. He dresses as legendary William Tell and pesters pedestrians with his bad jokes, tickling his helpless victims with feathers and robbing them when they don't laugh. Spidey corners the Tickler but he runs out of web. The Tickler tells Spidey jokes, and Spidey pretends to laugh. He tells more jokes until he finds himself arrested. Best joke of the Tickler's: Q - Why does a duck have webbed feet? A - Because if he had a webbed head, he'd be Spider-Man!

Considering his eccentric behavior and motives it is possible Tickler is mentally ill, in which case he likely ended up in a psychiatric ward - he is unlikely to resurface in the modern age.