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Tiamat (Ghostbusters)


Tiamat is a powerful demonic goddess and one of the 2 main antagonists of the episode "I Am the City" of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series alongside her ancient foe Marduk.


Tiamat appears in her natural form as a gigantic winged, five headed dragon-like demon.


Tiamat fought Marduk for centuries in Babylon, Athens, Rome, Peking (Beijing), Paris, and London. Marduk thought he lost Tiamat in ancient China. However, shortly after Marduk appeared in New York, Tiamat appeared in Central Park. It was vaporized by the Ghostbusters after a long battle utilizing both proton streams and a proton cannon atop the Ecto-1. Egon theorized Tiamat and Marduk were in an ecto symbiosis, one could not exist without the other. After Tiamat vanished, Marduk shape shifted into a police officer and left the scene without the Ghostbusters' knowledge.


  • Tiamat is named after the primal goddess of the ocean in Babylonian mythology who also represents chaos.
  • Based on mythology, it appears that Tiamat is a divinity and could be one of the primal deities alongside Gozer, Proteus, and Necksa.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #15, Tiamat makes a non-canon cameo appearance alongside Gozer in his worm-like form on a page of Tobin's Spirit Guide.

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