Thundermon was a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 02.


Thundermon is a small Champion Level Digimon. He bears a strong resemblence to Mamemon, only he has purple skin and a lightning bolt on the top of his head.

Digimon Adventures 02

Cody and Digmon encountered a Thundermon in the sewers underneath a village of Punimon. It attacked Cody and Digmon and one of its attacks reverted Digmon back to Armadillomon. When Thundermon caused the sewers to collapse, Armadillomon digivolved to Ankylomon to save Cody. Thundermon processed to attack Ankylomon, but Thundermon could not penetrate his thick armor. He was however, too fast for Ankylomon and was able to throw Cody up into the air. However the DigiDestined was saved by a mysterious Insect Digimon which then destroyed Thundermon after a short battle. It then turned out that the Insect Digimon was in fact Stingmon, the digivolved form of Wormmon.

During the battle against Golemon, it was realized by T.K. that Thundermon was made from a Control Spire by Arukenimon.


  • Thunder Volt
  • Thunder Bomber
  • Intercepting Bomb