Thunder is a villain in the Lego Hero Factory series.


He is a criminal who has electric themed powers. Over the years, Thunder rose up to becoming one of the galaxy's notorious criminals committing crimes from theft to extortion all while being on the run from both Hero Factory and the police. Some years later, a rogue hero named Von Ness, now known as Von Nebula, recruited Thunder to help him destroy Hero Factory. Later, Thunder led an attack on New Stellac City under orders from Von Nebula with Xplode, Corroder, and Meltdown. However, four heroes arrived to confront Von Nebula and his minions. During the fight, Thunder fought against Breez. Despite the hulking villains attempts to kill her, Breez was able to defeat Thunder. As the other criminals were defeated along with Von Nebula, Thunder and his fllow criminals were taken to the center of the galaxy in Makuhero City where Thunder and his comrades were incarcerated.


  • He is the first villain to have a Accent, second is Fire Lord and Black Phantom.
  • Seem to have Russian origin as well of having a Russian Accent and being a tough criminal.
  • Russion accents simblise mercenaries, so that is why LEGO chose it for him.