I am Thulsa Gaul.
~ Thulsa Gaul introducing himself to the player's character of KOTOR II.
The Force is with you, but you are not a Jedi yet.
~ Thulsa Gaul to the player's character KOTOR II.
You naive little mind is compending lack of knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force.
~ Thulsa Gaul to the player's character of KOTOR II
Thulsa Gaul was a powerful Sith Lord who lived centuries ago. Not much is known about him. He did seem to pocess a vast knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force
~ Belloq on Thulsa Gaul.

Darth Thulsa Gaul was an ancient Jawa Dark Lord of the Sith and a Star Wars villain from the mod NEWBIEMODDER'S Korriban Expansion on the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Not much is known about this all-powerful Sith Lord, but he has a vast knowledge of the Dark Side. He created his own Sith Holocron that contains all the secrets of the Dark Side of the Force that he has unlocked over the centuries that some would consider it to be unnatural.

After Lord Gaul's death, he was buried in the Sith Ruins in a massive tomb with his Holocron. The player's character visits the tomb, kills the demonic Rakghoul guardians and the Sith statues and enters Gaul's sanctum, where the player's character finds Lord Thulsa's spirit next to his statue, his throne and his holocron. The spirit attacks the player's character and after he has been beaten, the spirit says that the player's character has passed the test; those that enter his sanctum must prove themselves worthy of entering.

The player's character succeeded where many over the centuries have failed. Revan, however, (who also came to Thulsa's tomb and was given power by Gaul's Sith Holocron) suceeded as well. So Thulsa gives the player's character a chance to go before Thulsa's Holocron to be given power and leave the tomb. The player's character has the options to either bask in the power of the Dark Side of the Holocron and learn the infamous long-forgotten Dark Side power Sith Life or can choose Sith Sabers or resist the Dark Side or just leave the Holocron.

If the player's character leaves or resists the Dark Side, Thulsa's spirit attacks the player's character and ends up getting killed. The player's character then leaves the tomb, but once the player's character leaves Gaul's sanctum, he (or she) cannot return.

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