The Thugs are antagonists in the first Spy Kids movie. They are a group of rogue OSS spies who threaten Carmen and Juni and try to stop them getting to their parents. They appear to be with Floop to begin with; they're told to go to his castle; but later on its revealed their allegiance is with Mr. Lisp who is the film's overall antagonist.

The Thugs are also henchmen and protectors of Ms. Gradenko and are there to protect her. They first appear when they enter the safehouse; and walk round inspecting all the gadgets the house has. Later; Juni witnesses one of the Thugs deliberately sinking a submarine, when he exclaims, the Thug turns round and stares menacingly.

Later, Ms. Gradenko is obssessed with the Brain, and orders the Thugs to guard it and get it to Floop's castle. But Carmen and Juni stop them. Carmen is able to fly off after the Thug taking the Brain; she fights with him in midair but he kicks her off and she falls into the city. The Thugs, meanwhile, try to stop Juni from escaping; but activate a rocketpack; sending it flying in crazy circles. The rocket burns out Ms. Gradenko's hair and the Thugs desperately try to extinguish the flames.

Later, the Thugs are seen with the half-bald Ms. Gradenko and Minion, welcoming Lisp into headquarters. The Thugs are seen menacingly throughout the presentation; they are emotionless and hostile. They walk over on Lisp's orders to Ingrid and Gregorio; the parents; to kill them - but the Thugs are themselves knocked unconscious just before Carmen and Juni arrive.