Joker's men

Thugs that work for Joker in Arkham City

Thugs are the regular and most common enemies in the Batman Arkham series.

They work for various gang leaders but most work for the Joker throughout the series. There are type of thugs who are armed with various dangerous weapons including firearms. Also, some thugs were even injected with TITAN by their leaders, transforming them into mindless, muscular beasts which assist their allies in killing enemies. Thugs discuss things to each other when not in combat, usually talking about the events happening.

Known Leaders

  • The Joker
  • The Penguin
  • Two Face
  • Harley Quin


  • Regular: Regulars attack with fists or a staff like weapon and can be fought regulary.
  • Armed: Armed wield various firearms including assault rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns. In groups, they are fought using stealth tactics.
  • High Security: High Security henchmen wield knives and are armored up. To be attacked, the player must stun them then attack.
  • Taser: Taser-wielders shock to damage the player and must be attacked from behind or else the player will be shocked at the front.
  • Shield: Shield uses can defend themselves from front attacks. They must be ariel attacked to knock them down.
  • Raincoat: Raincort henchmen are present in Arkham Asylum and just wear raincoats to show they Joker's security guards.
  • Titan: Certain thugs are injected with TITAN and serve as bosses. When charging, they must be hit with a batarang to stun them then the player can attack them.