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Three Fat Men are evil leaders in the city, title of which is unknown, who always like to eat nice food.
Три Толстяка 486119


In the country of the Three Fat Men revolutionary situation - dissatisfaction with the poor section of society, trying to raise a rebellion. Ideological mastermind of the revolutionaries are gunsmith Prospero and gymnast Tibul. One of the main characters of the novel, a scientist, Dr. Gaspar Arneri sympathized with people, even though the - fairly wealthy person. Prospero arrested and put in a cage zoo, tightrope walker Tibul but remains at large. Dr. Gaspar hides Tibul in his house and repaint him in a Negro. The next day, "Negro" learns about underground passage from the Palace of the Three Fat Men (the secret was opened to Tibul by a seller of balloons, who on the eve of accidentally drifted by the wind on the palace kitchen). Meanwhile, guards mutinied palace guards inject by sabers a wonderful doll of prince Tutti, who was looking similar to live girl and doctor Arneri was ordered to fix a doll for one night under threat of severe punishment. He can not do that due to objective reasons and carries a doll to the palace, but on the way it loses. Looking doll he finds in a van wandering entertainers a circus girl Swauk as two drops of water like a broken doll. At the initiative of Tibul, she agrees to replace a doll and help the revolutionaries: save Prospero and help him to escape from palace. The girl manages it: Prospero escapes from the palace through an underground passage but Swauk caught and sentenced to death. Nevertheless, everything for her and revolutionaries going well: the guards, sided with the people, replaced Swauk with original doll and revolutionaries managed to topple the power of Three Fat Men.


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