-You're lucky you're not next to him!

-What do you mean?! - You snore! - Oh I don't- anyway, you have bad breath! - Because you never brush my teeth! - Oh, stop quickly, let's have a cup of tea!

~ The Three-Headed Giant's Heads Arguing
You're a knight of the round table? In that case I shall have to kill you.
~ Three-Headed Giant to Brave Sir Robin

The Three-Headed Giant is a supporting antagonist in the live action film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He lived in a northern forest and his three heads were always arguing about something. Sir Robin encountered this giant while searching for the Holy Grail.

His left head was portrayed by Terry Jones who also played Sir Bedevere, his middle head was portrayed by Graham Chapman who also played King Arthur, and his right head was portrayed by Michael Palin who also played the leader of the Knights Who Say Ni.

Three-headed giant

The Three-Headed Giant's Three Heads

When Sir Robin, his minstrel, and his other men met the giant, the three heads frighteningly asked Robin his name. First, the cowardly knight tried to just get away by saying things like "I just came by..." and so, but finally told the giant that he was a knight of the Round Table. One of the giant's heads then wanted to kill Robin, another didn't, and eventually they were all arguing as usual. As the angry heads argued, Robin quickly ran away, frightened, and when the three heads finally stopped arguing, he was gone.