• You realize that on Jang Kyung-chul's page, you are giving away spoilers and the English is very poor? I see that you are trying to describe how much of a monster the character is, but the ending is a major spoiler and some of the text is unreadable.

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    • Enough. Both of you.

      First of all, Jinierules has grammar problems, autism. But at least she tried like she always does & she doesn't give up. She's not an idiot. Hell, one of the times she helped us out here on this wiki & doin' a great job was gatherin' info for my Bishop Maltheus St. Claire article from watchin' the full cutscenes (including boss fights) of Clive Barker's Jericho on YouTube. So cut her some slack.

      Second of all, that friggin' movie I Saw the Devil was made in 2010 (do the math), so how is it a spoliers to both of you?

      So both of you stop this would-be edit war, learn to get along, finish that stupid page & put it all behind you. Understood?

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