Thot Pran was a commanding officer of the Breen Confederacy, earning the position from Thoth Gor - he would become a supporting antagonist in Star Trek Deep Space 9 as an ally of the Dominion.


Thot Pran was the Breen military commander who led the forces of the Breen Confederacy under the Dominion in 2375, succeeding Thot Gor after the Second Battle of Chin'toka. He was responsible for overseeing the installation of energy dampening weapons onto Dominion warships.

During the closing days of the war, Thot Pran served as an invaluable adviser to the Female Changeling.

Pran was later present at a meeting between the Founder, Weyoun, and Legate Broca. At the meeting, the Female Changeling informed them of her plan to have Dominion forces fall back to Cardassian territory. Pran thought this meant surrender.

The Female Changeling later promised him both Romulus and Earth after the war's end. During the Battle of Cardassia, Pran insisted that the Breen forces stand alongside the Jem'Hadar in the front lines. Following the Dominion forces' retreat to Cardassia Prime, Pran chose to personally command the Breen forces in orbit, though the battle never came.