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Those From the Past (in Japanese: 遙けし彼の地より出る者たち Harukeshi Ka no Chi yori Izuru Monotachi), alternatively known as "Those from His Distant Land", is a group of mysterious and powerful beings. They are indirectly intervening in the King of Fighters tournament, using it to once again awaken Orochi so it's power can be absorbed by their master, Saiki, who needs it's power to open the Time Gate, which will allow him to go back in time and rewrite history, changing the fate of a war they engaged against the humans, which ended with their clan being almost completely wiped out of existence (in fact, history states that they were completely destroyed). Like the Hakkeshu, Those From the Past are a group of superhuman people, being the western counterparts of the latter.


  • Saiki Saiki: The leader of the group, and a deity much like Orochi, he has the power to distort time at will. He never tolerates disobedience;
  • Botan: She is a puppet-master, able to control others through invisible strings. She manipulated Chizuru Kagura and Rose Bernstein to host the KoF tournament;
  • Mukai Mukai: He is able to turn his body into stone, as well as turning others. He broke the seal of Orochi for his master, and tested the potential of the winners of the tournament;
  • Shion Shion: He is a master of spear who works under Magaki, although he doesn't trust him. He and Mukai believes that humans hold a great potential and should not be underestimated;
  • Magaki Magaki: A very strange figure, Magaki is able to walk through dimensions. He completely despises humans, believing they are just insects compared to him.

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