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Thorick is a human character that appeared in the cartoon show episode "The Clockwork Smurf". He is Lady Imperia's servant who does her bidding, particularly in regards to making sure her nephew Prince Gerard would never become king so that she could be coronated in his place as queen.

On the night before the coronation, Thorick had delivered Prince Gerard what would be his final dinner before being moved to a place where the young boy would rot away in obscurity. Unknown to him, however, Handy's invention Clockwork Smurf had stowed away inside the pot of gruel that would be Gerard's dinner and helped the prince escape. Imperia had Thorick search the forest with his troops to find the boy, but they were unsuccessful.

Later, Prince Gerard returned with the help of the Smurfs to expose Imperia's plot to take his rightful place on the throne before the public. With the crowd turned against her, Imperia and Thorick fled from the castle and were never seen again.

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