I shall give you what you truly desire....closer the to thy God!
~ Thor

Thor is the secondary antagonist of the 2013 action film Vikingdom. He is a far more malevolent take on the traditional Norse god of thunder.


Angered that humans were abandoning the Norse gods for the favor of Christianity, Thor decides to merge Midgard, Valhalla, and Hel, which would result in an apocalyptic event that will lead to the end of civilization. In order to achieve this genocidal campaign, Thor has to collect three key items: Mjolnir (his hammer), the Necklace of Mary Magdalene, and the Horn from Helheim. Gathering an army of followers, Thor invades a monastery located in Midgard to obtain the necklace. After massacring several of the monks, he crucifies the guardian out of spite for his religion.

When he was nearing completion to his plan, one of his lieutenants attempts to rebel against him when he realizes that his plan would result in the death of millions. Thor expresses apathy over this fact, and he gouges the eye out of his treacherous lieutenant. He then prepares to go to war against Eirick, a former king who was resurrected after dying in battle. The battle commences between both sides, and Eirick personally goes to stop the mad god.

The Blood Eclipse falls on the horizon as Thor was preparing to open the gateways to the three dimesnions. Thor reveals to Eirick that he was his biological son, thus explaining how he was able to keep his mind while he was in a relationship with the goddess Freya. After failing to convince his son to join him in his conquest, Thor proceeds to brutalize his own son. Before the final blow could be struck, Brynna intercepts Thor, sacrificing herself for Eirick. Eirick's teammates take on the Norse god, which gives Eirick the opportunity of using the Horn of Helheim on his father.

Rather than destroying his physical body and sending him back to Valhalla as was initially thought, Frey reveals that Thor was working under him, the ultimate goal being the complete eradication of existence. Unbeknownst to the two gods, Alcuin had actually given Beothric a fake horn; a portal opens up, and it sucks the two villainous gods into it, banishing them to another dimension.


  • He is portrayed by the Australian actor Conan Stevens.