Thor is an antagonist in Life, the Universe and Everything of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series.


Thor was worshipped on Earth as the god of thunder. He, along with millions of other deities, came into existence relatively soon after the birth of the Universe, rather than, as they usually proclaimed, the previous week, so they already had a lot of explanation to do. It is suggested that once this truth was revealed, that the gods were not supernatural beings but rather, more akin to the eldest race in the cosmos, the residents of the Galaxy lost faith in them.

Thor and the other deities, powerful as they are, show their declining power by not being able to prevent the Young Conservatives from Sirius B for ultimately ending the Universe, thus the gods merely spend their time watching the Universe repeatedly explode around them at Milliways. However, the gods are really not popular there.


He is at the Party where Agrajag's Henchman is also encountered.

Thor dislikes Arthur at first sight and tells him to go and get a drink and seduces Tricia. Thor goes upstairs and prepares Tricia for learning to fly. He says he was weighing Tricia and Arthur says Tricia comes with them.

Thor tells Arthur there's a Valhalla party going on and tells him Tricia goes there. Tricia asks if she has a choice but Arthur says she belongs with him. Thor gets furious and tells Arthur that he's stupid. Arthur bravely fights back against the enraged Thunder God and tricks him into stepping out the door. Thor does so and Arthur says that's got rid of him.


Hoarse, gruff and powerful, Thor was a brute, to be precise. His sexual desire for women indicates he likes abusing people both mentally and physically and he has no worries about killing. He sees mortals as play things and does not care for human life. His hammer is as tall as he is, adding to his formidable nature, and he thus clears up any error that he may have been carrying an electricity pylon with him.