Thomas Stubbs
I'm a politician, I'm a cynic, I'm very needy. I need people to like me. I need people to like me so that they elect me. I need people to elect me so that I feel marginally less bad about myself when I stare into the mirror.
~ Thomas Stubbs III

Thomas "Tom" Stubbs III is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in The Lost and Damned. He is a Liberty City congressman who Johnny Klebitz worked for.


Don't be ridiculous, No secrets here pal. But listen, I'm in a bit of a bother, sport.
~ Thomas Stubbs III

Stubbs is a calm individual who is polite but corrupt. He gets Johnny Klebitz to do his tasks for him. Stubbs is very proud of being a politician and gets orders to serve him to feel good about himself.


Billy manipulated the situation by blaming the Angels of Death in order to rally the gang to attack their clubhouse, even after he informed other members of The Lost that it was a "Pole" or "Serb" hitman. During the attack, Billy found two duffel bags full of heroin and stole them with the intention of selling them. This created even more tension between Johnny and Billy. This eventually split The Lost into two factions, one led by Johnny and one by Brian. Johnny and Jim met up with Brian at the Alderney docks after hearing that he wanted a truce.


  • He is the first male character in the Grand Theft Auto series to show full frontal nudity. The second is Trevor Philips with use of a glitch.
  • His apartment is just one building away from Yusuf Amir's apartment.