I'm a politician, I'm a cynic, I'm very needy. I need people to like me. I need people to like me so that they elect me. I need people to elect me so that I feel marginally less bad about myself when I stare into the mirror.
~ Thomas Stubbs III
Thomas Stubbs

Thomas "Tom" Stubbs III is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in The Lost and Damned. He is a Liberty City congressman who Johnny Klebitz worked for.


Don't be ridiculous, No secrets here pal. But listen, I'm in a bit of a bother, sport.
~ Thomas Stubbs III

Stubbs is a calm individual who is polite but corrupt. He gets Johnny Klebitz to do his tasks for him. Stubbs is very proud of being a politician and gets orders to serve him to feel good about himself.


  • Thomas Stubbs wears his own shirts with initials "TS3" on front pocket and his initals "TS III" appears on his texts to Johnny.
  • Stubbs correctly predicted the fate of Ray Boccino in Get Lost. When Johnny Klebitz considers going after Ray, Stubbs tells him that Ray would be "dead or in jail within a month." This foreshadows Ray being killed by Niko Bellic on the orders of Jimmy Pegorino.
  • Stubbs only wears the outfit that is shown in his concept art in Get Lost.
    • Get Lost is also the only mission where Stubbs is shown wearing clothes as his first two mission appearances, he is seen naked.
  • Thomas Stubbs has the longest answering message for his phone throughout all of GTA IV and its Episodes which is used to support his political campaign.
  • Thomas Stubbs has his own Twitter account known as stubbs4liberty which was used to promote the game.
  • The suit he wears in his concept art is a different color. His blazer and tie are both blue.
  • He is the first male character in the Grand Theft Auto series to show full frontal nudity. The second is Trevor Philips with use of a glitch.
  • His apartment is just one building away from Yusuf Amir's apartment.
  • It's implied that he was raped in junior school, since he metaphorically said, "I'm being raped!" in conversation about his broker on BAWSAQ, and then added, "I didn't feel it since the junior school."
  • Stubbs has some similarities to former Congressman Allen West, who had ties to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, the real life equivalents of The Lost MC.
  • As an ironic twist of the story, in despite of the two men's opposite lifestyles and ideologies and the lack of a true friendship, both Stubbs and Klebitz ended up being highly honorable with each other by fulfilling their promises and support, completely opposite to the betrayal of supposed "brothers" who shared the same lifestyle and affiliation (Brian JeremyBilly Grey).