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"I've always tried to protect you son. I'm sorry I couldn't be that person."
~ Sinclair moments before executing Lucas

Thomas Sinclair was a Shadow Marshal and is the head of the Vektan Security Agency. He is also one of the primary antagonists in Killzone: Shadow Fall. While adopting Lucas Kellan during the events of the relocation, Sinclair is known to be very trusting and protective towards Kellan. At the same time, he shares Kellan's initial contempt towards the Helghast, as he believes that every Helghast seeks destruction of Vektans, and as long as the Helghast exist, the war will never end.


Prior to the Helghast colonization of eastern Vekta, Sinclair was a Shadow Marshal of the ISA military and fought during the Second Extrasolar War. He was a former soldier and was stationed on Vekta during the colonization of the eastern half of the plant. He was an active duty soldier serving in many military operations to secure ISA victory in the Second Extrasolar War.

During Killzone: Shadow Fall

SInclair firts appears in the introduction of Shadow Fall where he is seen fleeing from the Helghast soldiers during the early establishment of the State of New Helghan. He had ran into the Kellen family and helped escort both Michael and Lucas Kellen to safety beyond the wall in western Vekta. Unfortuatly he was only able to save Lucas as his father was killed right in front of him during their escape from Helghast territory. Ever since 2367, SInclair had trained Lucas to become a Shadow Marshal and soon became his superior and became the Director of the VSA/Shadow Marshals in the years that followed. He then sent Lucas on many missions beyond the wall to stop any possible Helghast aggression and tried to convince him that the Helghasts must be removed from Vekta in order to secure peace rather than actually coexist. He sees Lucas a vital part to his plan and uses im for important missions such as retreiving important data from the ISC Cassandra to aquire a biological weapon made by Dr. Hillary Massar that could possibly be used against Vekta. In Chapter 4: The Patriot he is seen using the terrorist attack on the VSA Headquarters by Black Hand terrorists led as a reason for war with the Helghasts and uses Vladko Tyran as an excuse to send Lucas into New Helghan to infiltrate the country despite the dangers he faced over on the other side. Despite the dangers, Lucas discovered the alliance between New HelghaN Chancellor Hera Visari and Jorhan Stahl on preparing to use Massar's bio-weapon against Vekta and was told to go to Helghan to retrieve her. Lucas however had sided with Agent Echo aka Maya VIsari, on convinvicng the ISA to stand down and not escalate the Vektan Cold War. SInclair declined the offer and sent Lucas to Helghan to arrest Massar but allowed Echo to kill her branding him a traitor. Following Lucas's travel to the ruins of Helghan, the ISA had soon launched an invasion of the secret facility known as the Spire and managed to kill Stahl but also killed Lucas after hearing Stahl's plans for Vekta. He is then seen in the last mission where he is announcing a plan for war with the Helghasts and calling for public and political support but is killed by Echo out of revenge for Lucas to prevent the possible war.


Sinclair was a devout patriot and commited soldier to the ISA and Humanity. He bravely fought the Helghasts during the Second Extrasolar War and had been a sucsessful soldier in securing ISA victory. However in SHadow Fall he is a dark warmongerer who seeks war with the Helghasts despite suffering of both sides and the casualties from the potential conflict. He also was intent on keeping his dreep of conquering eastern Vekta and was willing to kill Lucas over his plan.



  • His callsign is Pulsar
  • The character's voice actor is actually British despite having an American accent 
  • His first name is officially Thomas but during a speech his first name is Elliot Sinclair for unknown reasons
  • Sinclair distrusts politicians as shown in the intro
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