I were kill for such a hot chick like this!
~ Burrell ,before he wanted to shoot Summertown citizen

Thomas Burrell is the secondary antagonist of the 2013 action comedy movie The Last Stand. He is the army leader and the main henchman of Gabriel Cortez.

He was portrayed by Peter Stormare, who also played Ghost and John Abruzzi.

Role in the Movie


He is the main henchman of Cortez and he is very vicious more than Cortez . he also the leader of Cortez's army ,nothing known about Burrell's biography execpt he is the psychopathic leader of Cortez's army.

Arrival to Summertown and Battling Owens

After Cortez is on the escape to the Mexico Border ,Burrell arrived to Summertown with Cortez's army. Later ,he battled against Ray Owens's friends who helped him in the big brutal battle in Summertown. he almost killed Deputy Mike Figuerola ,but when Figerola shot most of Burrell's men and killed them with Tommy Gun ,Burrell's sniper shot Figuerola and injured and defeated him.

Final Confrontation and Death

Burrell finds his death when he got inside into the school bus where Owens and Dinkum and also Frank Martinez ,he (Burrell) fought them ,but then ,Owens shot Burrell's ear and shoots him again in his head what finally kills Burrell and ends the big battle in Summertown.


He is more vicious than Cortez and he is very psychopathic.