Thomas (Tommy) Homer Brock

Thomas "Tommy" Brock (full name Thomas Homer Brock) is the archenemy of Mr. James Tod 

in the 1912 book The Tale of Mr. Tod.

In the introduction to this story (The Tale of Mr. Tod), Potter announced that for a change she was going to write about disagreeable people. Certainly Tommy Brock the badger is one of Potter's most ruthless villains and Mr. Tod the fox is not exactly a pleasant person either.

Because the food supply is limited, Tommy Brock kidnaps Benjamin Bunny's children, and heads off to Mr. Tod's house, whose kitchen he'll "borrow" to make a rabbit pie in the morning.

When James Tod catches Tommy Brock trespassing again, he decides to take revenge. The elaborate contraption he rigs up to kill his long-time enemy was inspired by details in several different Uncle Remus stories.