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The Third Stellar Region Army is a collection of Galactic Frieza Army forces stationed in the Third Stellar Region of the galaxy. They took control of the Army after Frieza's death.


Following the deaths of Frieza and King Cold on Earth, Staff Officer Sorbet seized control of the Third Stellar Region and the Galactic Frieza Army.

However, without Frieza to invoke fear in anyone, the Galaxy began to collapse, with more and more planets rebelling against their rule. In order to keep the army from caving in, Sorbet took Tagoma and several other soldiers to Earth to gather the Dragon Balls to revive Frieza.

After being resurrected, Frieza retook control of the Army. Vowing to get revenge on those who had defeated him, Frieza led an army of 1,000 soldiers, mostly from the Third Stellar Region to invade Earth.

After the Z Fighters defeated the army, Frieza killed all of the survivors, save Sorbet.


  • Sorbet - Leader (former Staff Officer)
  • Tagoma - Sub-leader
  • Guarana - Sub-leader (Manga only)
  • Shisami - Fleet commander
  • Chidoru - Mid-ranked soldier (Manga only)
  • Frieza Soldiers - Footsoldiers

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