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Thimblenose Ted

Thimblenose Ted

Thimblenose Ted
is one of the three quinary antagonists in the film Flushed Away. He was voiced by Christopher Fairbank.


Ted served as one of the Toad's main henchrats alongside Spike and Whitey. In the gang's hierarchy, he was less important than Spike and Whitey, but more important than Ladykiller and Fat Barry.

He was a dark gray rat wearing a black business suit whose distinctive feature was that he was missing his nose. He covered the nasal socket with a thimble strapped around his head. The lack of a nose gave an unusual quality to his voice. How he lost his nose isn't generally known - he claims to have lost it in a knife fight, but in reality he got run over with a lawnmower.

He often behaved like a zombie, standing rigidly straight, arms hanging limply, eyes distant. He also ran and moved very stiffly sometimes. Despite this seeming serenity, he was one of the most vicious and cruel of the rats in his own detached way.

Ted was first seen when the rats attacked the Jammy Dodger, making a failed attempt to grab Rita. Later, when they returned to the Toad's lair with the captured Roddy and Rita, Ted was the only henchrat besides Spike and Whitey allowed inside the Toad's private chambers. He held the imprisoned Rita on a chain. When the Toad planned to have his two prisoners frozen, Ted was the one who activated the freezing machine by casually flicking a switch.

After Roddy and Rita escaped and stole a cable necessary to the Toad's plan, Ted was tipped off to their location and joined the other rats in pursuing them, but Ladykiller crashed into him. At the climax, Ted was armed with a stapler gun, but the Toad grabbed it from him and used it to shoot at his enemies. During the final battle with the Toad, when the feed to the freezing machine sprayed liquid nitrogen everywhere, freezing everything, Ted slipped on some of the ice and went flying offscreen. His fate after this is unknown.             


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