Theresa Abraham-Ridgway its one of the main protagonist of the psycho series.


At first she seem to be a good and caring mother for Jesse many time he's humiliated by his father or brother, she show how she care about him and tried to help him every time, same when Jesse is exiled from the house she help him to get food and everything he want, she also help him to sold Juggies shirt to the store of her brother.

But at some point Jesse deceived her by lying to her about the prank On Jeffrey Jr, but she tried to still kind to him, after all others psycho event she is now fed up and divorced her husband Psycho Dad, who tried to win her back but it fail everytime. In the Christmas episode she was surprise to see Jeffrey Jr disguised as Santa clause and finally reconciliated with his brother, she hugged both of her sons, but after others event too specialy in Boiling point she finally show her antagonistic side, and tell Jesse to leave Melissa's house and leave her alone.

Much to Jesse's dismay who was exiled from his aunt's house by his own mother, because she still refuse to allow him back, but Jesse still think that he will make her change her mind one day, some fan was thinking it maybe Theresa will turned into "Psycho Mom" in the future episodes.