Oh my God! The quarterback is toast!
~ Theo after a SWAT RV is blown up.

Theo cracking a joke about the destroyed SWAT van

Theo is the tertiary antagonist of the 1988 live action film, Die Hard.

Theo is one of the thirteen terrorists who hijacks the Nakatomi Plaza building and the team's computer hacker.

Theo is weaselly, insensitive, and arrogant, cracking jokes whenever people were killed.

Theo and another terrorrist Karl enter the building via the front entrance with Theo talking about basketball as Karl kills the receptionist. Theo signals the other 11 terrorists that the coast is clear. Theo is present in the boardroom when Hans Gruber is interogating Mr Takagi about the code to the vault. After Mr Takagi is shot point plank, Theo explains to Hans that of the 7 locks he can cut the first 6 but the 7th lock is an electro-magnetic seal that can't be cut locally.