Thelonious is the secondary antagonist and later an anti-hero of the 2001 DreamWorks film, Shrek, and the 2003 3-D short Shrek 4-D. He is the dimwitted minion of Lord Farquaad. He appears to be Lord Farquaad's royal executioner within the kingdom of Duloc.

He was voiced by Christopher Knights.


At the beginning, he was torturing Gingy (also known as the Gingerbread Man). When Lord Farquaad tried to decide which princess to find and married, Thelonious told him to pick #3 (even though his fingers say 2).

Thelonious also made an appearance in Shrek 4-D. In this movie, he helped the spirit of Lord Farquaad kidnap Princess Fiona. At the waterfall scene, Fiona fights Thelonious off her raft, but he survives, and Dragon eats Farquaad once and for all. It is unknown what became of Thelonious afterwards.

Appearances in other media

He also appears in the Nintendo DS version of Shrek Super Slam as a playable character.


He seems to be not as smart as the others of Farquaad's men. Thelonious is cunning, arrogant, treacherous, resentful, bitter, cruel, harsh, scornful, traitorous, objectionable, emotionless, loathsome, uncaring, nasty, violent, obnoxious, impertinent, dangerous, sinful, vain, sly, noble, ingenious, outlandish, manipulative, uncompromising, contemptuous, duplicitous, honorable, sneaky, tenacious, hard-working, punctilious, envious, loyal, organized, naughty, insincere, opportunistic, ungenerous, and snarky.


  • The name "Thelonious" is a parody on the word "felonious".

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