Yes, this is game footage!

I'm what's known as a takeover artist, wanted in 30 states for hijacking fiction
~ Thelma after beating up the Narrator!

Thelma is the enemy of the Narrator in the infamous Plumbers Don't Wear Ties video game and a minor villain due to the fact she took over the story after beating up the Narrator.  She was played by Thyra Metz.


She appears after the Narrator asks the player if he or she can handle the situation without getting the lowest score in the history of the game.  She announces she was taking over the story and beats him up.  She then scolds the player over the choices you made in the game just the same as the Narrator does.

After Mark Thresher, the main antagonist of the game, offers money to Jane in exchange for sex, Thelma decides to end the story right then and there.  However, the Narrator returns with an tommy gun and shoots her (though the bullet holes appear on the screen, probably because of the still images) and cross lines appear on her eyes to show she's dead.  The Narrator then announces that no one will take over his story.