Raptor, Firelight wants to see the Human die.
~ Thel to Raptor

Thel was a Covenant Ultra who was abused like other Elites in Ragath's army by Firelight who was leader of all Covenant ground forces on Halo.


After Ragath betrayed the other Elites, Firelight had both Thel and Raptor as his servants. Thel was brutally abused by Ragath for his failures.

He was supposed to command an attack on the sabre that Brass and Whisper were taking off to the UNSC Midsummer Night; but Storm and his marines held the attack off. At the end of the attack, Storm was in the control room, Thel seemingly rushed at Storm with his Energy Sword but slashed the controls instead. Later, when Firelight had took down both Ocelot and Raptor, Thel walked in and informed that he failed the mission. Firelight turned away and started saying abusive things about Thel, comparing him to the fallen Ocelot and Raptor who couldn't defeat Firelight. But when Firelight turned away, Thel had enough of his abuse from him and knocked him off the Spire with his sword, killing him. 

Thel talked to both Ocelot and Raptor about the White Lance and how it was formed. Thel then went down to the Elites and started a battle between the rebels and Ragath's loyalists. Then later when Sev and Sahjooks forces attacked the Spire, he was knocked off the Spire by Sahjook which killed him. 

Thel was revived by the power of Halo when Swift used Cassi to revive everyone who died on Halo. Thel then sided with Raptor and the other Elites.