Am I weak?!
~ Thebe knowing about his death

Thebe was a tertiary class pallasite. He is not a human. As a pallasite, his time control and another powers, depends of his weapon (hammer) and with out it, the distortions made by him disappears.


According Thebe, a true man must not has feelings, so, he is a true man. Thebe hates men that has feelings, like Eden, that always lamented the death of Aria, Mikene, Sonia, Mars and Medea; a true man must forget the past.


Thebe goes attacks a village and meets Ennead protecting a little girl freeze in the forest (probably far of the village because goes in the forest catch a bunny), so, Thebe mocks Ennead because he showed his lack of masculinity, and defeats him.

Later, Thebe and Europe goes to Eden's garden and Europe bring Kouga and Subaru to this garden. Eden asks to Thebe fight against the two saints with no help of him; but, Eden attacks Thebe and says he is not loyal to Pallas. Thebe tries fight against Eden, but Europe stops he and leaves he to Pallas Castle.

After, Thebe goes attack Pallaestra with Hati and fights after the defeat of Aegir.

In Pallas Belda, again with Hati, does a scheme: Thebe will distract Eden and another saints out of hiding place (where refugees hides, and have a road to Pallas Castle) to Hati destroy the road to Pallas Castle and kill the citzen there. But, Celeris saves the citzens, defeating Hati, and he swear revenge; Hati gets away of the hiding place, because Thebe invoked a meteor that will kill everybody ther. Eden in the fight, breaks the meteor of Thebe and a piece of it falls in Thebe, and smash him.