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The Cinema Ghost

The Theatre Ghost aka the Cinema Ghost.

The Theatre Ghost, also known as the Cinema Ghost, is a ghostly winged demon appeared out of a cinema as it is scaring a lot of people and it is a minor villain in the sequel, Ghostbusters II.

It first appeared during a ghost outbreak in New york caused by Vigo's usage of the Mood Slime to come back to life. After the Ghostbusters succeeded in stopping Vigo from taking over the world, it must have been destroyed or became captured by the Ghostbusters.


The Theatre Ghost is a demonic monster with 4 arms, 2 bat-like wings and 6 eyes.



  • The scene with the ghost is similar to Subway Ghost scene from the first movie.
  • On December 31, 1989, the Theatre Ghost manifested at a special New Year's Midnite Show screening of the movie, "Cannibal Girls." "Cannibal Girls" is a movie directed by Ivan Reitman, director of the Ghostbusters movies. "Cannibal Girls" starred Eugene Levy, who appeared in a deleted scene as Louis Tully's cousin, Sherman, who helps get the Ghostbusters discharged from Parkview Hospital.

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