Theater Thug

The Theater Thug was an antagonist of the Drake and Josh episode "Theater Thug."

The Thug is a criminal who is one of FBI's Most Wanted for robbing several movie theaters in the Southern California area. Authorities reported that the Theater Thug was last seen in Los Angeles and is extremely violent. Josh was hired by the host of the Most Wanted show to play the Thug but he gets mistaken by the real thug and gets arrested multiples times. The real Theater Thug arrives at the Premiere and forces Josh to give him the money from the register. Josh opened the register, causing the alarm to go off and alerting the police to surround the building. The Theater Thug takes Josh hostage and plans on exiting but Drake comes and confronts the Thug. Josh pins the Theater Thug with a mop and holds him down while Drake gets the police. The police arrived and mistaken arrested Josh allowing the real thug to escape.