The Wizard is an enemy of Space Ghost in Hannah-Barbera's Space Stars.

In Web of the Wizard, he causes Space Ghost, Jace, Jan and Blip to see illusions in space. The Wizard tries to make them crash into a planet while chasing an illusion. The Wizard is using a device to cause the illusions. Blip goes aboard the Wizard's ship and destroys the device. Space Ghost captures the Wizard. The Wizard's ship is destroyed.

In Devilship, Jace is on a scouting mission in his shuttlecraft when he discovers a ship. He contacts Space Ghost to tell him he is going aboard to investigate. Jace takes the ship on a cruise through space. Jace attacks the Belarithon 2 moon gold factory and destroys the automated guards. Jace takes away all the gold. Jace then tries to destroy the Phantom Cruiser. Something about the ship Jace is on makes people have evil desires. The Wizard is responsible for this ship. Jan turns the Wizard's emotion machine on him and they capture him.