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The Wither is the secondary antagonist and one of the most dangerous monsters in the video game, Minecraft. The Wither is the second boss added to Minecraft, but he does not spawn in any dimension however, and in fact has to be crafted by the player in order to be fought. It can be considered the boss mob for the Nether due to it being constructed of Soul Sand and Wither Skeleton skulls, things only found in the Nether.

There are two kinds of Wither, the regular Wither and the Wither Storm, the more destructive and cataclysmic variant that was introduced in Minecraft: Story Mode.

Creating a Wither

Normal Wither

To create the Wither, the player must arrange four Soul Sand blocks in a capital "T" shape, and place three wither skeleton skulls on top. The Wither will appear instantly, staying still, while beginning charging its health and cannot be damaged in this time. Once fully charged, a large explosion happens around it, and it begins attacking anything in sight aside from other Undead monsters (Zombies, Skeletons, etc.).

The Wither can destroy any block except Bedrock, and therefore cannot be contained. Once the player has worn it down to half health, it forms "Wither Armor" that protects it from arrows. The player must then finish it off at close range. When killed, it drops the Nether Star, an ingredient to the Beacon, a powerful block that gives the player enhanced powers.

The Wither looked like an emaciated creature with 3 wither skulls as heads and body consist of wither spine and prehensile ribcages.

Wither Storm

Wither Storm can be created with the same materials and same fashion. The difference however, the middle soul sand must be replaced with Command Block that immediately functions as its heart. Once brought to life, Wither Storm at first have typical WIther-like form but once assimilate any objects around it, it evolved into a floating behemoth with long, powerful tentacles, 3 heads, glowing purple eyes, and large teeth. At the end of episode 3, the failed attempt to destroy Wither Storm caused it to evolve and separates into 3 pieces, 2 that bear resemblance to the original Wither Storm, and one with a giant head.

Compared to regular Wither, Wither Storm's powers are so immense that it is more like incarnation of God of Destruction. Its Wither Skill projectile's firepower now far more destructive, and has developed the ability to project powerful tractor beam that sucking in any mobs or blocks in it and inflicting them with Wither or Wither Sickness upon being devoured. It also displayed God-like strength and durability, as its tentacles can easily break through Obsidian walls like a twig even before reach massive size and is immune to conventional weapons. It's regenerative ability that came from Command Block used to create it was so potent that even after blown into pieces with Formidi-Bomb, Wither Storm eventually resusciate in mere minutes as well as allowed some huge chunks of it to grow into entire creature and take on lives of their own, which explained why two smaller Wither Storm emerges alongside the original one. It means had Wither Storm allowed itself mutilated several times with destructive weapons such as Formidi-Bombs whilst its Command Block remained intact, it would allowed Wither Storm to overrun the whole world (which fortunately never happened).

In spite of God-like strength in possessed, Wither Storm is actually can be destroyed for good as it had few weaknesses. It's true that it cannot withstand Formidi-Bomb's explosion and is incapacitated, but using highly destructive weapon is not recommended as should it blown into pieces, Wither Storm would split into 3 or more creatures. First thing that can delay the creature's advance is mutilation by Enderman. Enderman's ability to dismantle and moving blocks caused rapid and significant harm on Wither Storm and enough horde is enough to keep harming it that it cannot regenerate. The only thing that can destroy Wither Storm as well as its brethrens is destroying Command Block with weapons that enchanted with the same power with Command Block itself.


Normal Wither

The Wither is extremely aggressive monster that acts hostile to the player and all mobs except undead mobs (skeletons, zombies, zombie pigmen, wither skeletons, husks, strays and other withers). Upon noticing non-undead mobs, the Wither attacks them with a projectile called the “wither skull”. Each head fires independently, allowing a wither to attack up to three different mobs/players at the same time. Should no mobs around, Wither would wanders and fire blue wither skull on random location to attract/forced its foe to get out from hiding.

Wither Storm

Wither Storm's behavior is similar to regular Withers but is on the more cataclysmic level: Though Ivor programmed command block that used for its creation to ensure that Wither would obey him, it ultimately went berserk and causes destruction as it ignore him. Ultimately, Wither Storm is a primal living force of destruction that only exist to destroy everything until nothing is left.

In episode 4, Ivor revealed that Wither Storm is not causes destruction randomly; when programming Command Block that create the storm, he also programmed to have it followed the Order of the STone's amulet, which explained why Wither Storm followed wherever Jesse and his friends go.

Minecraft: Story Mode

In the game, Minecraft: Story Mode, Wither Storm appears as the main antagonist of the first four episodes. It first appears in Episode 1, "Order of the Stone" when Ivor puts the Wither Skeleton Skull on top of the Command Block, Ivor tries to prove that he can defeat it, but the potion has no effect due to it not being the correct potion because Axel stole it earlier. Jesse throws the real potion, however, the Wither Storm covers the Command Block, causing the potion to have no effect. The Wither Storm continues to follow Jesse and his friends as they head to Gabriel's temple, when they try to escape, it tries to capture Gabriel, but he is rescued by Jesse, but then both Gabriel and Petra and Jesse must choose to rescue one of them and once he makes his decision, he tries to rescue the other one but the Wither Storm knocks him into the nether portal. Later at the end of the episode, it appears at the sunset as a warning.

In Episode 2, "Assembly Required, the Wither Storm attacks when Jesse and Olivia/Axel try to get Ellegaard/Magnus, later they plan to destroy the Wither Storm with a Formidi-Bomb. If Jesse chooses to rest before heading to Soren's temple, the Wither Storm will catch up with them.

In Episode 3, "The Last Place You Look" the team attempts to destroy the Wither Storm with the Formidi-Bomb after receiving it, however, the Command Block was not destroyed in the process, allowing it to come back to life. To make matter worse, as Wither Storm resusciates, some fallen pieces of it also regenerates and turned into 2 new, smaller Wither Storms. The team then flees to find another way to destroy it.

In Episode 4, "A Block and a Hard Place", the Wither Storm quickly tracks down Jesse and his friends, but when they meet up with Ivor once again, they flee to the Far Lands and receive a weapon that can destroy the command block. They manage to anger enough Endermen to tear a hole in the Wither Storm. After a long, hard battle, Jesse destroys the Command Block, thus finally destroying the Wither Storm. Although, from the victory, comes the great cost: Aside many hostile creatures that killed in its path of destruction, Wither Storm has left tremendous damage and death of one of original members of  Order of the Stone (either Ellegaard or Magnus) and indirectly killed Reuben.

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