The witch is the evil version of Dolly and the final boss in the game Toy Story 3. She is voiced by Bonnie Hunt.


She appears in the final stage of the level, which is a story narrated by Bonnie. The story is about a bakery, built on top of a graveyard, that has created evil zombie muffins that eat people. The witch appeared flying on a broomstick in the final level,and your objective is to shoot her down from either a blaster tower or from a cow cannon. If get hit by the witch, your blaster becomes disabled and you must go to the other weapon to take her down, while avoiding zombie muffins. After she is defeated, Bonnie narrates how she had a time out and how she became good again. The game ended soon after that scene as the credits started to roll in.


The witch's clothes are similar to Dolly's, except they're darker with skulls and moonphases on it. She also wears a witch's hat.


As a witch she rides a broomstick. She can also make illusions of herself to fool people. She can also make herself big and shoot lasers out of her eyes.


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