The witch (left) with Joringel (right)

The Witch is the main antagonist of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Jorinde and Joringel.


The witch has large red eyes, a yellowish complexion, and a hooked nose. lives in a dark castle in the woods. During the day she takes the form of either an owl or a cat. She lures animals and birds there to kill them, and young maidens who she turns into birds. She has 7,000 cages of rare birds in her castle. She also freezes people who come too close to her castle.

Role in the story

One day, two young lovers, Jorinde and Joringel, are walking in the woods together. When they go too close to the castle, the witch turns Jorinde into a nightingale and fixes Joringel to the ground. She then takes Jorinde away.

Joringel dreams of a red flower, and spends nine days looking for it. When he finds the flower, he uses it to protect himself from the witch. He disables the witch's magic and frees Jorinde.



Jorinda's Song01:11

Jorinda's Song

The witch and the transformed Jorinde