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The Weasel

The Weasel becoming Class President

The Weasel was a mischief making antagonist in the show Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide. The Weasel's archenemy was Gordy, the school's janitor, who sought to capture and get rid of herfor being a pest. The Weasel has always escaped the many plans and traps made against her, even when Gordy and the other faculty members tore apart some of the school in order to find her.

Despite being cornered in this final encounter, they let the Weasel go after learning she was a mother. The Weasel was also captured once by Gordy earlier in the series, but released once Gordy realized the Weasle was in danger due to an oncomming robot. Aside from evading capture, the Weasel has also become class president and also inadvertantly won a recycling contest after stealing trash for a nest. Eventually, she also becomes the school's mascot, thus concluding her long time rivalry with Gordy.

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